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The Little Things We Do!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

You see, I fell in love hard with this girl I would without a doubt consider to be my match for life, the girl that is now my fiance. As this is so very common, the first few months felt like a drug-induced high of epic proportions filled with intense feelings of love and passion. We are still riding the high, and will continue this till end. I don’t believe anyone is exempt from this, so take some of the pressure off and know that you and your partner are not alone. Main mantra till now I have learnt from AruShil is "US-no third person allowed in our world".

Never underestimate the power of making a few small, simple changes within your relationship to develop the skills needed to make your love flourish for many years to come, like we saw "Little things "(its Indian TV series) on video call as we are not living together, also we use to have dinner prepared by us in a tea shop, waiting for her everyday after office, pushing locked Scooty together using our physics logic, taking care of her while crossing roads, lost badminton match by her, dare to dance in front of her as she is amazing dancer (please subscribe her channel ) , the way she direct me way , lol even google map gets confused ...etc..


Despite what I have been told, happily ever after isn’t simply a given, it must be earned. Achieving a happy and fulfilling relationship doesn’t have to be rocket science, and with a few small changes daily, I am grooming this AruShil culture.

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