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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Responsibility, culture , problems never asks your gender...

If we could rewrite the past...we wouldn't have to live in constant fear of future. History was mostly full of kings , male freedom fighters and god.

Yes She is first child of family...And from day first she is responsible, confident and conscientious, more likely to mirror their parents' beliefs and attitudes, and often choose to spend more time with family.She is not less than any boy...and she has proved these multiple times to world.She came to this world with some spark and X factor. From her childhood she use to dance rather than crying.

She is a pose queen but same time she is moody too. Once upon a time she was not in mood to face the camera and the out come was super sweet:

And once when she was in full mood to face off camera was super cute:

This sweet baby girl is so perfect with her head full of sparks, dark hair and the most beautiful skin tone. She creates a constructive vibes around her and I am the luckiest one to get her as my wife. She is much more stronger than anyone. Research says that Women are much more matured than men....and being first child, grownup with all responsibilities and front face of generation . She knows how to handle her siblings , friends and them correct path ,change their mood and what made her so strong was despite the million things hurt her , she spoke of nothing nothing..just happiness. She might not be the unique , its moreover the way our eyes see them.

..She is perfect combination of talent , beauty , culture and humor. Shilpi you may not have started life with silver spoon but you are my queen , I gonna write about you, and show you with my lens because I see my life and myself in you.

You always ask "Will I love you like this forever?" -- My ans is "I love you most as person and soul you are and don't wish to change you into someone means I don't expect perfection in you just as you don't expect from me..I will be with you when you are in bad mood or too tired to do anything or when you are down . I know what happiness and positivity is, its because of you. " Loyalty,truth and love are rare and most powerful things to find -Lucky me I got all in one character. My ring given by you is now part of my body. Now in quarantine ...I am missing you because my soul feels your physical absence -despite of practical mind , it doesn't realize that this separation in temporary . Just waiting for day when I will say "Have you seen my wallet?, Did you bring my wallet? , Where did we park ?, Whats in dinner tonight?, are you ready..can we go?, ...bla ..bla all these will be your line except the waiting part. I wonder if you know what you are doing to me.

Yes at 65-70 also we will go for date.. will kiss each other without teeth , will hold hand, will sleep together under one blanket , you will get panic and angry for no reason and I will be confused if again I have done some mistake, Will take care of you while crossing roads, will admire you in front of dressing mirror, Will make you sleep every night and for sure I will write for you & show you with my lens ...... our gadgets & technology, our fashion, our way of relationship, our body & brain will be aged that time but heart will pump for you like today.

I am not unique or other than any normal human....its just I know her and value her...have a concrete intention that carries in my heart,,,I don't get any second or stupid thought for her. I share all my stupid secrets , ask doubts, understand her view....Everyday in our journey wont be grand , it might not be as per our plan , but best thing will be we gonna witness each and every topic of our story together and everything will happen for good cause. I am not going to shout (despite of my office frustration and your anger) on you any day, I am not going take us lightly any day, I am not going to repeat same mistake intentionally any day, I gonna listen all your concerns , stories patiently every day ....because I don't want to lose myself and go cold.

Let me tell you a short story ...A Man, much reserved by nature was very hesitant to ask his boss for the raise in the salary. One Friday morning he got up and told his wife, " I will do it today Darling. I shall ask my boss for a raise in my salary." As the man came to his office, he was extremely nervous, anxious and very apprehensive all throughout the day to speak up. Late in the afternoon as he approached his boss, finally he gathered the courage to speak up and ask for a raise in his salary. Much to his delight the boss agreed.

The man was on the top of the world and when he came back home, he was a beautiful dinner table, fine crockery set on the table, beautiful candles lit up. His wife had prepared a festive meal to celebrate the occasion. He guessed someone from the office might have tipped her off and informed her about it. Anyways he got into the kitchen, hugged her, gave her the good news and came and sat down to have his meal. Right there on the table was a card. The man picked up the card and read the contents. The card said, "Congratulations Darling! I knew you would get that salary raise. These things, the dinner table, the crockery, the candles, the fine meal, all of these things are to tell you, how much I LOVE YOU!" Prep by prep the lady served her husband and as she went back into the kitchen finally to bring the dessert, from the pocket of her apron, fell another card unknown to her.

The man picked up the card and as he read the contents of the card, he had tears in his eyes. On the card was written, " Don't worry Darling! Even if you do not get that salary raise. you deserve much more than that. This dinner table, this crockery, these fine candles, this fantastic meal, all these things are simply meant to tell you how much I LOVE YOU!"


Her love for him was unconditional. It didn't depend on his success at work. In fact it was exactly the opposite. If he were to fail, if he were to be rejected, he would have needed that total acceptance and support all the more and she would be there by his side to support him,


Even if we were to be rejected by the whole world, if we have one person in our lives who can totally accept us, totally believe in us, totally love us and totally support us we can certainly achieve what we want and reach where we want to go. Therefore, surround yourselves with people who believe in you and accept you totally regardless of your successes or failures and also be that person for someone regardless of their successes or their failures.............................. That's the way my Shilpi do for me everyday...She accepts me and I accepts her.....and its our way to work on happily ever after.

She is my winning argument!

She creates a gracious environment around with her pigment!!

She is bank of my happiness which will never be insufficient!

Her presence is exponential coefficient for my development!!

Yess Moon is shy is She...She is my Shilpi...

PS: After reading above and knowing her ...please don't fall for her. She is already taken

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