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Real is better than Perfect!!

Life Isn’t About Chasing Perfection, It’s About Finding Something Real.. Yes I am not perfect neither she is... but our vibes , feel and textures are real. We understand the inner workings of one another’s minds, the quirks, the interactions that make this relationship truly special.

No one is perfect. Just our efforts, our trust , our world , our sync and finding someone of your version gives you feel of perfection.

I am not a good dancer, not a very good writer , neither a singer nor guitarist or having

any X factor .... and she loves me more than I do ...only single reason behind this is, those are not mandatory building blocks to practice feel of completeness and joy ,and Also skill gets outdated with time,a beautiful face will age and perfect body will change but a beautiful soul will be always beautiful . She motivates to groom everyday in either of ways.

She gets panic just like we do our daily routine, sometimes she over thinks and assume the worst .....etc...etc and I love her more than she do and only reason behind this is we need each others presence and all these stupid small things are myth and for sure not mandatory criteria for happiness.

Happiness isn’t found by chasing perfection. Because perfection isn’t real.

We both are least demanding , talk and discuss any stupid or serious topic without giving a second thought, if we find any flaws in another..we talk like best friend over that topic at same instant and with trust that he/she is not going to repeat the same.

Love and perfection are two different things. Love is real. Finding someone who will drive you crazy, but still make your life wonderful—that’s real. Learning someone’s inner fears, discovering what makes them laugh, finally working up the courage to kiss them—that’s real.

"She is one who comes first in my list. She is one who can I trust more than myself. She is one for whom I wanna stands by her side through the toughest of days. She is the girl who listens me and I am the guy who opens doors for her dreams."- Yes This is real!!!

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