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Nut and Bolt...

Perusing any dream or taking any decision should be mutual. These all leads to feeling , as well said " If Feelings are mutual , the effort will be equal, the decision will be solid".

Mutual Decision Making : It is not possible that every single decision that one partner makes will be acceptable to the other partner as well. Therefore, before taking any final decision, the opinion of the other partner should be sought and the final decision, even about small matters should be taken mutually. I remember while making choice of dress for our engagement we were searching online and shared the same post at same time( which makes me belief that she is my female version) , we went for shopping , walking in shopping street all day and end up buying same dress which we decided during our online search. Our decisions are easy because we see happiness in each other, if she is going to wear Blue lehenga , then its very easy for me as I just have to choose something matching to her dress and if I am dancing with my stupid moves in some pub or in our room, she will come to my level and make me feel confident. Also deciding is sometime fun too like she needs big washroom and big balcony and I need a room with projector to watch World-cup, Movies, series, FIFA etc....its one of the best feeling of togetherness.

This all happens when you found same version of yourself. And everyone has trouble , finding your version who can ride with in same boat with same pace of happiness in billion of crowd ...yeah that's magical! We are perfectly fit to each other and this was only one set of nut and bolt created by god.

Nut, Bolt and Gear! Color of this AruShil is col-linear !!

I cant expect more than you my dear!

Every day with you is more than multiyear!!

Its clear..that I don't fear I know you are here!

and baby ..Shilpi comes before myself ...I swear!!

And the Jacket which I knit with my feel,care,worship you can wear!

AruShil is alive with same pace for next hundred years!!

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